"ARe Randal Blues, Playing Blues as it was meant to be played..


- Dave's Music -


Local Blues Band  ARe Randal Blues is dedicated to playing the blues as it was meant to be played.  The Band consists of Randy Elston on lead guitar, B. Scott on Bass and Vocals and Ron Lane, drums and vocals.  If you like the blues.  Take the opportunity to see these guys perform and don't miss out.

Randy's electrifying lead work is the old-school mainstay of ARe Randal Blues.  He started playing guitar at the age of 15 and was on the road in the 1970's.  He has played with numerous rock and blues bands over the years.  Johnny Winter is his guitar hero.

B.  at nineteen, inspired by Chess Records Bluesman like Howlin' Wolf, Muddy waters and song-writer Willie Dixon.  B. began playing acoustic guitar mainly "for something to do."  Now through his driving bass and soulful vocals, the Ada Bluesman plans to help lead ARe Randal Blues to the next level.

Ron Lane has been playing music since the age of 11 and starting playing drums at the age of 13.  He gives music he plays and energetic and propulsive feel without sounding "busy".  He has played many styles of music including rock, country, and blues.